Intentional Happiness: NYC Edition

August 12, 2010

Is anyone else a complete dolt about forgetting their camera back at the hotel room while on vacation/away? I’m so ditzazoid that it’s maddening. And yes, I do have a lovely new iPhone, but any of you who’ve ever seen my freakshow shaking hands knows that my iPhone pictures=Megablur.

However, I was with-it enough to tote my camera along one afternoon while in NYC…just one. I suck.

I’m not going to talk about BlogHer (I promised, remember?) and I happen to know that a lot of you who did attend are kind of Down right now (we’ll be okay, sisters) so I thought I’d share some happy with you this weekend. Because those of you who went to BlogHer last weekend? It’s over. You’re home. Home with the people who really know you–the important part of you–and love that you. The flawed creature you are, the mother you are, the companion and friend you are, the punchline-forgetter-of-jokes you are. The only you that matters.

So I’m sending out some happy to you. You who visit here and take the time to read these words –which aren’t always elegant or profound or funny–but my words just the same. Thanks for being you, and if the strangers of the world don’t see the you that is truly inside? Let them remain just that…strangers.

But on to HAPPY, people! Let’s get some !!! in da house, shall we?

!!!: Stumbling on The Fat Witch bakery in the Chelsea Market. Even the snarkiest of witches has to melt at the sight of these. Plus, an endorsement for brownies for breakfast? Hell yes.

!!!: Drooling over fresh fish of all kinds; we landlocked stiffs are totally missing out.

!!!: This kid at the Milkbar in Chelsea Market, devouring his ice cream. I asked him to smile, but, like a typical New Yorker, he wanted nothing to do with me.

!!!: A cranky-looking bread baker who actually wasn’t; after I snapped this shot he gave me a toothy grin. I think New Yorkers have a helluva racket going on…they want us to think they’re nasty, but inside? Butter, baby. Shhh…don’t tell.

!!!: Lunch at Del Posto with a dear, dear friend. How cute is this salad with an eensy pansy in it? Great meal, great company.

!!!: Proof positive that Miss D. is a way better artist than me– at the tender age of 8.

!!!: A “Welcome Home Mommy” sign and a song-and-dance routine to go with it. My cup runneth over.

Umm, I think that’s a hot dog in the picture–true proof of my culinary greatness, ja?

To those of you who took the time to talk to me at BlogHer–it was so nice to meet you and chat and sometimes cry (usually me). To those friends that I missed, I am so sorry, and I wish I’d had more time and different circumstances so that we’d have met. The loss is purely mine. Have a joy-filled weekend, friends.

What brought you !!! this week? Check out Momalom and BadMommyMoments for more !!! moments.

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