Easiest Holiday Dessert Ever!

December 10, 2009

I mean, really, it doesn’t get easier than this. Well, opening a Mrs. Smith’s pie is easier, but it’s not going to impress like this dessert. Barefoot Bloggers picked Ina’s Croissant Bread Pudding as our first December recipe.

You can find the recipe on the Barefoot Bloggers site here:

I followed the recipe to the letter, save one exception. My husband thinks that raisins are the Devil’s work, so I substituted dried cherries. And they worked well; plus, red is much more festive than black!

And yeah, this recipe is an ass-buster. I mean, think about it–croissants, sugar, half and half, almost a dozen egg yolks. You could marinate a turd in that and it’d be deeeeeelicious. I would almost say that Ina has created the most fattening bread pudding ever, but then I remembered that Paula Deen once made a bread pudding using doughnuts, so I think she gets the Princess of Protruding Posterior Award.

But this is the holidays, people! We’re supposed to eat delicious artery cloggers! Bring this to any holiday gathering and you’ll be instantly popular. Because like most recipes loaded with butterfat, this thing is mega-scrumptious. Trust me: serve it warm. So much better that way.

I give you permission to eat this once a year. Without guilt. Just a tiny piece, because it’s richer than Midas. And then go vegan for a week or something. Worth it.

Note to readers: I’ll be kind of scarce from this morning until the end of the weekend, so if I don’t visit your blog, don’t think I don’t love ya! I’ve just got some funky times going’ on! Have a great weekend!

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