Hello and thanks for stopping by The Kitchen Witch! My name is Dana and I am a former teacher, writer and personal chef. I stopped doing all of those things when I had children, and while I don’t regret my choice, my life felt a little empty. I started this blog to remind myself that I still had a working brain, to rekindle my love for delicious food, and to have a space to write in.

My love for food began at a young age; I grew up in North Dakota and spent long, snowy winters puttering in the kitchen with my mother. We cooked to nourish ourselves, to make memories together and, frankly, to stay sane during the frigid months.

My family moved to the Rocky Mountains many years ago, but it’s those early formative years, standing on a chair, licking batter off the spoon and rolling out dough, that ground me today. I’m the mother of three (two of them still young children) and I hope to teach them the beauty of spending time in the kitchen–that food can feed so much more than just the stomach.

What you’ll find on this blog is an eclectic mix of recipes, food memories, family anecdotes, and a healthy dose of snark. The sarcasm comes free, and consider yourself duly warned. It can get a little spicy in here!

I hope, if you like what you see, that you’ll stick around a while, leave a comment here or there. I’d love to meet you!

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