Reason I Suck #369-update

January 9, 2010

You know, I probably ought to quit posting about How Much I Suck. Talk about redundancy. Any of you who’ve popped in with any regularity already know that I’m a frequent-flyer in the suckage department. I should get bonus miles, or something.

Today I’m here to confess yet two more things I suck at. Promptness and reciprocity.

Over the past few months, some of you kind readers have been thoughtful enough to give me a Blog Award of some kind. And when I found out that I’d received each and every one of those awards, I was, truly, honored and thrilled and humbled that you thought of me. And I meant to post about those awards and pass them on, but I sort of completely and utterly failed.

I also failed to display the corresponding widgets, because I am inexplicably widget-impaired. I know it’s a simple copy and paste affair, and I’ve followed the directions, but for some reason Blogger denies me. It won’t let me display the widget on my Dashboard. GRRRRR. I’d like to kick Blogger in the ass…because of *course* it can’t be my fault!!

I want to assure you that I’m not ungrateful, just lame. And now I can’t remember which of you I ought to thank, although I hope I did so in the comments section of your blogs.

It’s a funny thing with me. Rather than posting awards, I just prefer to visit the blogs I love consistently, and read those fresh new posts, and leave my thoughts and admiration there. Because I’d WAY rather read what you awesome people are thinking about than blather on about me. I do that enough already, don’t you think?

So forgive, dear readers.

But there is a way I’d like to give back to you, if you’re willing to have me. Amy over at The Never-True Tales is running a lovely little exchange program on her blog. This program, called Won’t You be My Neighbor, starts January 11 and you can read all of the specific guidelines/details HERE:

**Okay, see? Blogger will let me put the widget in the text of a blog post but not on my Dashboard! WTF! This is assholery!

Simply put, it’s a guest post exchange. For the duration of the program, I’d like to invite bloggers I admire and enjoy to guest post on this blog. I’ll display your post, explain a little bit about why I love you, and link back to Amy’s blog.

And if you are so inclined, you can join in the fun by contacting Amy, signing up for the program, and host your own cadre of awesome bloggers on your site.

Guest posts appear every Friday, so if you’d be interested, please let me know! And I hope you’ll visit me over at The Never-True Tales on February 5, when it’s my turn to blab!

Criteria For Guest Bloggers: if you are on my sidebar or I visit your blog regularly, assume that I love you and would welcome your guest post. Just contact me if you’re ready and willing!


Just wanted to assure readers that you do not have to cook or talk about something food-related to guest post! We could use some shaking-up on Fridays!!!!

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