!!! and Summer Hours

June 23, 2010

I realize this post is a day early, but tomorrow is jam-packed with activity and I’ll be away from the computer pretty much all day (eek! The horror!)  So please forgive my prematurity!

The super-big !!! in my week hasn’t happened yet; true awesomeness begins Thursday and will carry on into next week. Here’s a taste of what !!! is coming up:

!!!–a six day visit from a dear friend; I’ll be picking her up Thursday afternoon.

!!!–benefitting from her expertise where my new toy is concerned:

!!!–celebrating a triple threat on Thursday–the birthdays of Mama, Dani and Ale! June 24 sure is blessed with births of amazing women!

!!!–getting ready to attend this awesome class on Monday and Tuesday. I hope to learn some new tricks.

That’s a lot of upcoming goodness, don’t you think?

Still we did have a few tidbits of early woo-hoo! this week:

!!!–realizing that this kid is almost an independent swimmer.

!!!–the Father’s Day picture Miss M. drew her daddy, where she signed her own name for the first time without help. We have mastered that pesky “r”!

!!!–watching Harryboy careen around, drunk on this stuff:

!!!–finding a treasured drawing of Miss D’s that I’d thought was lost forever.

With all of the Intentional Happiness** going on late in this week and into the next, please forgive the “summer hours” I’m going to be keeping. TKW has some skills to learn and some people to enjoy. I hope you have the same kind of !!! in your future.

** For more Intentional Happiness, visit BadMommyMoments and Momalom.

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