Burrata, Photo Workshops and !!!

June 30, 2010

There’s been so much lunacy around here that I didn’t think project Intentional Happiness was in the cards, but I just couldn’t NOT participate after a week like this.

So forget the fact that I haven’t done laundry in a week (seriously, dudes, it’s Dirty Clothes Armageddon in my laundry room) and there’s nothing but leftover rice and a few sad, errant lettuce leaves in the refrigerator.

Weeks this  monumentally awesome scream for documentation.

!!! for this week:

!!!~Long walks, longer photography sessions, trips to the Farmer’s Market (where serious ogling of the beautiful Udi’s bread boys went down) and leisurely lunches (yes, that *is* burrata cheese, people! Best. Cheese. Ever.) :

!!!~Getting to enjoy all of the above with my dear, talented, patient, funny friend Phoo-d. Thank you so much for visiting and teaching me some sorely needed skills. I’m still way behind you, but you put me on terra firma, and for that I am so grateful.

!!!~Squealing like an impaled pig when Phoo-d won the prestigious award for Best Photo Overall (conference attendee consensus) at the phenomenal Food and Light workshop Monday and Tuesday. (I know I embarrassed the heck out of you, friend, but I was so damn excited! You are going to conquer the world. You are!)

!!!~Sweating my tail off, grappling with my Parkinson’s hands, sucking up fear of failure and insecurity, stepping way outside of my comfort zone and realizing that if I put in the time and the effort, I can take a decent photo.*

!!!~Well-deserved drinks and tapas at The Kitchen Upstairs with a motley crew of jovial,  insanely gifted, genuinely kind bloggers and photographers like this one and this one and these two rascals.**

!!!~Witnessing something I never–not ever–thought I would see. An exhausted Jennifer Yu. I think Jen gets tired maybe once every ten years, so it’s like I got to see Halley’s Comet or something. But she put on a kickin’ workshop, so she earned that tired.

!!!~Waking up Wednesday morning to the realization that after a week of non-stop running, I get to slow down and spend some time with my much-neglected family. My tireless husband, you rock. This past week was such an opportunity–such a gift–and you made it happen. You kissed boo-boos and wiped butts alone this week without a complaint. You are the glue.

Thank you, gentle readers, for your patient support while I venture away from this blog and try to learn skillz…I’m so honored that you stick with  me.

What made you !!! this week? For  more Intentional Happiness, visit BadMommyMoments and Momalom to join in on the fun!

*do not start expecting me to post photos this lovely–do you know how freaking hard I had to work to get that damn thing? Do you know how long? Anticipate plenty of trademark shitty photos for the next…oh, I dunno…few years until I get a grasp of this stuff.

**I still insist that waiter looked like the cop from the Villiage People. Just sayin’.

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