Brief Hiatus

October 10, 2012

Greetings from Puberty Hell!

My husband and I are escaping to Las Vegas for a few days to a) celebrate his birthday and b) get a reprieve from our pubescent child. This puberty stuff is bad business. Tell me again, please, why I wished for girl children?

Three and a half days without puberty issues. Bliss.

Please know that you’re in my thoughts and in my heart, and hopefully I’ll come home with a good story or two. Maybe not one including Mike Tyson’s tiger and a random chicken in our hotel room*, but stories nonetheless. Vegas is always good for a story, even though they encourage you not to tell. Ha! As if I’ve ever been able to shut my pie-hole in my life.

I hope your weekend is full of Fall festivities and family and love.

And please, be here when I’m back?


* Did it bug anyone else that in the movie The Hangover, they never explained where the chicken came from? It drove me nuts. I kept harping about it, and my husband just didn’t get it. He said, “who cares about a random chicken?” Apparently, freaks like me, because I was waiting the entire movie for the explanation of why a chicken was in the hotel room.  Argh! Unsatisfactory!

Is it just me?

And with that thought, I leave you for Sin City. I’ll pull the lever for you.

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