Hello from Athens!

May 2, 2009

After a full day and night in the air, we arrived in Athens at 8:30 this morning. Sleeping on a plane sucks ass. Even when my dad is kind enough to drive up emergency Ambien (thanks dad–you spoil me) so we could have at least a fighting chance of sleeping. Well tell that to the freaking party crowd across the row from us. They yabbered and hooted all night long. Douchebags.

Even though we were WAY early, the amazing folks at the Grande Bretagne had our room ready (those folks don’t take customer service lightly). We showered and then hit the street, because there was an Acropolis and a Parthenon to see. It’s easily walkable from our hotel and really, it knocked our socks off (especially history nerd hubby). It’s quite bizarre to have enormous, precious historical ruins sitting right next to flowershops and crepe carts, but that’s how it’s done here.

I’d heard Athens had a stray cat and dog problem, but we’ve only seen a few sleeping doggies thus far. They do have a traffic and smoke and crowding problem–this poor people-hater feels rather out of place in a city of 5 million. And I feel a bit out of place at our hotel…I am Mrs. Target and everyone else is Mrs. Vuitton. No matter–they have no idea who I am and I don’t give a fiddling fart.

We grabbed a quick bite–more on that later because it will give you a giggle–and now have decided to take a little siesta and rest up before dinner.

Pictures and details forthcoming. No flu yet! Everyone has been quite nice to this Ugly American thus far, so I’m happy. Hope it stays that way.

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