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April 29, 2009

A life. I know, you thought I didn’t have one, did you? And most days, weeks, months of the year, I would completely agree with you.

But this May? My life is completely jacked up.

The Good:

Hubby and I leave for Houston tomorrow night, where we’ll drop the kiddos off with some very energetic, very nice grandparents. And then we head to New York and then Athens. I am praying that we do not contract the swine flu on our brief layover in New York. That would be a total Buzzkill, wouldn’t you say?

The Bad:

After our Greece trip, hubby and I split up in New York. He flies home to work for the next week. I fly to Houston to help with the preparations for my sister-in-law’s wedding. The helping I don’t mind. The wedding I don’t mind because SIL is really happy. The bad is the timing of the thing and the fact that it’s an Indian wedding (well, half of it is) and, if you don’t know this about Indian weddings, those things last for DAYS. And Indian weddings are also HUGE. And I don’t know any other people at this wedding other than my sister-in-law and my in-laws. And unfortunately for me, I hate people.

I do. It’s a most unattractive trait and it’s humiliating to admit but people and I? We just don’t do well together. And I have to wear a sari, which is fine except that I feel ridiculous in one. We pale blonde folk look stupid in saris. Indians look great, but not us. And I’ll be wearing a bindi on my forehead. And no, I will not be posting any pictures of how ridiculous I look.

The Ugly:

After the wedding, we are home for 4.5 days and then the entire family is off…to DisneyWorld. Amusement.Parks.Suck.Ass. Enough said.

And My Point, And I Do Have One, is:

I started this damn blog and now I’m going to have to abandon it, in essence, for several weeks. And I’ve gotten kind of attached to my new bloggy friends and my favorite bloggy sites and I’ll miss you. I will try to check in and update but it’s going to be pretty lame and pretty thin for a bit. Please, please hang in there with me. I’ll be back.

Hopefully with some kick-ass stories about Athens/Santorini/Crete and The Big Fat Indian Wedding and……Hades.

And if your May is half as crazy as mine and you feel like you never can catch a break–or your breath–click on one of these links and escape to Greece with me. I’d love some company.




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