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October 4, 2012

Hi, readers! I am again apologizing for being scarce. I am taking a rather intensive humor writing class (it’s terrific) and while I love my teacher, I got excoriated the first week for using the word “suck.”  Not by my teacher (he had my back), but by a rather prickly lady who, thank goodness, hasn’t been exposed to my other language. Although now I’m tempted. She is really mean. I am trying not to engage with her.

More on the class later–I’m learning good things!

But none of that matters today. Little Miss Chicken Wing is seven today. How did that happen? I’m re-running a snippet from a previous birthday post, because every word of it is still true.

Miss M., you let the sunshine in.

A Birthday Wish for Miss M.:

Miss M., today you are one year older, and your mama is, naturally, a wreck. I know Miss D. gets the lion’s share of press on this blog; she’s incomparable when it comes to entertainment value. But don’t ever, not for a second, think she has more space in my heart.  You are my baby, my cuddle bug, the girl with the easy nature and a smile at-the-ready.  Your sister is thunder; you are the soft rain on the roof…the kind that makes me smile and pull the covers tight, happy to be just where I am.

I hope, every day, you know how much light you bring to my life. Happy Birthday, Bella-fair. You are my joy, my sunny corner, my always littlest girl.

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