A Halloween Story

October 31, 2012

Greetings, Readers! I hope those of you on the East coast are okay? Forget Halloween and goblins–Miss Sandy is scary stuff. Mother Nature has quite the temper. Maybe she is going through puberty like Miss D.? Hoo-boy.

But even in stormy times, Halloween happens. One chilly October in North Dakota, I contracted pneumonia and Mama allowed me to don a costume, but I was heartbroken. I wandered around the house, hacking and full of self-pity, dressed like the most pathetic Koala bear ever.

And then there was the year when money was so tight that it was choke-in-the-throat alarming, but Mama came through. She spent days dye-ing sheets black and thrumming on the sewing machine; my sister and I ended up with the best witch costumes ever.

I know the universe is full of craziness and flooding and blizzards right now, but it’s the little things, like some face paint, an ancient pillowcase, the yearning for sugary delights and a whole night ahead of you…those are what you remember. Kids love Halloween, and even if you have to put it off for a day or two or heck, even five, do it. Do it anyways.

Because that’s the gold. The good stuff.

I know I have been off schedule here, but I thought a little Halloween mischief was in order. Boo!



A few years ago, the Minxes got their hands on a very posh, highly over-priced Halloween catalog (note to self: throw out all Halloween catalogs before entering the house after the mailbox trek).  Within minutes, each one was desperately enamored with a costume in the catalog. What’s a mom to do? (total cost, with shipping, for two posh Halloween costumes: $134.78).
Miss M. picked out this really beautiful but odd costume–it was a feathered witch costume with bat wings and cat ears. Odd indeed, but a girl wants what she wants, eh?

A few days before Halloween, Miss D.’s 3rd grade class was talking about costumes/Halloween plans, and D. blurted out: “Hey, Mrs. Lewis! Guess what my sister is dressing up as? She’s gonna be a BITCH for Halloween!” Bat. Cat. Witch.
Mrs. Lewis called me from school, laughing. She said, “You could tell that D. didn’t know what that word meant but several of the students did, and they gave me this dodgy look like, ‘Umm, Mrs. Lewis? Whatcha gonna do about this?'”
Ah, life with children. Never a dull minute.


Hope your day is wonderful and that your little goblins enjoy.

ps: I think I’m gonna be a BITCH this Halloween. No costume necessary.

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