Guest Post: Dana’s Butt

December 21, 2012

Hello, Readers!

Dana’s butt reporting for guest posting duty!

I’d love to stay and chat with you longer, and cheer you up with some witty banter, but the last month has been hard on Ye Olde Backside.

I blame the cat.

That howling bucket of fur caused ButtGate #2, if you recall. I am still not healed.

Then that howling bucket of fur decided howl at 3 in the morning, promting the 90-year old hooker  Dana to lurch from her bed, stumble down the stairs and snatch The Howler to place in a closed basement. The Howler, peeved at this gesture, chomped firmly down on her hand.

Despite several doses of peroxide, the hand was disgustingly infected within 2 days. A trip to the local physician resulted in several syringes being stuck in Chez Moi. Butt as Pincusion.

I am mightily offended.

I am also off to plan my revenge on that darn cat.


I wish you Readers (and your collective butts) a happy few days!


Ye Olde Backside

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